The Terracoon is a tanuki-like pet.


The Terracoon is a tan tanuki (raccoon dog). It has a dark brown bandit mask patter across its eyes and striped down its back and tail. It has a punky hair do with long fur down its back.

It is available in 27 colors, including Glade, Glacier and Nightmare.

Did You Know?

  • Terracoons are said to be mischievous little thieves.
  • "Wild" 'Coons are typically found in Centropolis, seen in the park near Saggitarius' Quest building, scrounging in alley ways, and sometimes make a nuisance of themselves by raiding neighborhood trashcans.
  • However, the species is purely benevolent and prefers to flee from a confrontation with humans.
  • When tamed, the Terracoon is very well-mannered, though occasionally like to pilfer their owner's belongings. It is advised to 'Coon owners to lock away valuables to prevent an unwanted behavior.

Notable Terracoons

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