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The Telenine is a canine pet.


The Telenine (tehl-eh-NINE) is a cobalt-blue canine resembling a dire wolf. It has ruby-red eyes, a black nose, and prominent upper canine teeth which overlap its lower jaw. It has a turquoise underbelly and tail tip, and clusters of black patches of various sizes on its shoulders, flanks, and knees. A line of diamond-shaped purple spikes run down its back, starting at the top of its head and ending halfway down its tail.

Did You Know?[]

  • The prefix 'tele-' comes from the animals of the Triassic period of Earth history, while '-nine' comes from the English "Canine"; dog.
  • They average around 30 in (76 cm) and can weigh 130-190 lbs (59-86kg).
  • While there are still some small packs of feral telenines in the wild, they have become quite reclusive and are rarely seen.

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