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Hi there! I was wondering whether we could make the front page more interesting and informative by adding a bit of content there?
Just brainstorming here, but a few ideas of mine were:
- a calendar on top of the right column: it shows the upcoming events like masquerade, vesnali and special dates like Gem Digging, Careaper, Black Friday for the cash shop sale, Keiths birthday - everything that might be of interest for Subeta players.
- a widget that shows newly released items, pet colors and site features
- the newest tweets, tumblr posts and facebook statuses from the official Subeta accounts (and maybe Keiths Twitter, too)
- new pages (which we already list) and popular pages somewhere
- stats for this wiki at the bottom?
- currently happening: something like that box on the subeta news page - if there is an event, you'd have a widget with shortcuts to every page which is important to the current event. Also, a link to the event's wikia article.
- maybe some useful fansites like, SubetaSkills or SubetaLodge? Dunno if this is welcome here.
What do you guys think? Any more ideas? Content- or designwise?
Ganemi (talk) 13:41, March 11, 2014 (UTC)

Hi Ganemi! I think your ideas are really cool and I would love to implement them... alas, I am terrible at coding and am not all that sure how I would actually do all those wonderful suggestions you have mentioned. If you would like to fiddle around with the page youreself, you are more than welcome!  ^^

LiCobra, your friendly neighbourhood admin 21:43, March 14, 2014 (UTC)

I might try that if I find the time! I'm still in the process of learning wikia code, but most of the stuff can be made with a few tables and magic words, I guess. I'll have a closer look some day. Thanks for your support! :D