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Subeta is a virtual pet site that was started in 2004 and is run by Keith Kurson.

The Pets[]

Being a virtual pet site, Subeta has 67 different species of pets for users to adopt.

Like any pet, they will get hungry and bored so it's best to feed your pet and play with them. There is no consequence if you do not feed your pet but they will be unable to compete in the battle coliseum if they are hungry. There are also resorts and inns to send your pet too if you can't afford to feed them every day.

Each pet has stats that can be raised with training which is important when going to battle opponents in the Battle Coliseum. They can be read books to raise their knowledge and help them learn new spells.

For a list of pets see: List of Common Pets

The World[]

The world of Subeta is divided up into several different sections on a World Map. It contains Subeta and its moon, Atebus. There has been much speculation about the other side of Subeta as no one has ever seen the other side, but it is still unknown as no one is brave enough to explore it yet.

New Subeta world map

The Users[]

There are many user activities available on Subeta, the most popular being the forums and human avatars.

The forums are divided into categories so users can talk about their specific interests.

Cults are another place where users can gather with similar interests, you can join a single cult. Keith has also mentioned that the cult section of Subeta is to be entirely revamped.

Human avatars are also displayed in the forums and user profiles. They are human figures that can be dressed up to what ever style the user wants depending on what clothing is in their wardrobe.

Subeta Stats[]

Total Users: 81,305
Adopted Virtual Pets: 243,201

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