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Costumetrunk oct.gif

Description: Ohh, what's inside this mysterious box? Hopefully nothing that will eat you...only one way to find out, though. And, uh...good luck! :D
Rarity: 150
Uses: Costume Trunk, Useable
Restocks at: Does not Restock
Notes: This item is retired and will soon no longer exist on the site.

List of Items[]

  • Deep Sea Helmet
  • Discarded Lounge Act Ticket
  • Enchanted Gold Hat
  • Battered Specimen Crate
  • Goodboy Costume
  • Hippy Peace Amulet
  • Jungle Luggage
  • Magical Matches
  • Penguin Costume
  • Polka-Dotted Handkerchief on a Stick
  • Pretty Ballerina Fairy Princess Costume
  • Rock-n-Rollin Malt Shake
  • Monster Kit
  • Seal of Olympus