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Reflection is a game on Subeta.

How to Play[]

There are two options before you play this game. There is one that is the normal version and will only allow you 20 moved to get all the correct tiles. The other version allows you to play endlessly but you will not be awarded any prizes for winning.

This is a simply game of memory. There is a row of 4 x 4 tiles that you start with, all are face down. You have to find where the tile shown at the bottom is located. To select a tile to flip over you click on it and it will show you what it is. I you guessed correctly it will stay face up and you can guess again. For each one you get right you get sP added to your total bonus at the end.

You can play once every 4 hours, or 2 on a Gold Account. For winning the game you were previously rewarded with the Reflection Blade.

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