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The Mortiking is a dinosaur pet.


The Mortiking is a blue theropod resembling a tyrannosaur. It has dark blue stripes on its tail and hind legs, and wide black bands around its much smaller, two-clawed arms. A black dorsal fin with spiky vanes runs down its back. Its claws, two small horns on its nose and two more on the back of its head, and three spikes on each arm are golden yellow. Its eyes are red, and there is a diamond-shaped red patch on its rounded white belly.

It is available in 22 colors, including Reborn, Bloodred and Glacier.

Did You Know?[]

  • Crunching numbers comes almost as naturally to a Mortiking as crunching bones!
  • Mortikings are seen as intimidating and provoking one is quite dangerous.
  • The Mortiking most likely originates from Darkside, as one can be seen near Blackheart Hollow on Darkside's map.

Notable Mortikings[]

  • Morty King, the male common Mortiking, who manages the bank and the vaults. He is also the creator of Morty Cards.

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