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The Job Agency is located in Centropolis . It is a gray, dome-shaped grey building with "JOBS" written on the roof located at the top right of the map beside the Blue Building. It is run by Mr. Jobagen Cyboss, a Twilight Irion.

Each job has different level, intelligence and stat requirements for your pet to get the job. Once in the job, there are 5 - 10 different job positions, each with increased pay and the possibility of gaining an extra stat every time the job is completed.


  • Get a Job - Earn a job at the Job Center.
  • Promotion '[Tiered]' - Get a promotion in the Job Center
  • Quitter - Have a pet quit a highest-tier job. Note: This must be the top tier possible from the job!
    • Title: Quitter
  • SAI Worker - Have your pet get a job at the Subeta Agency of Investigation!

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