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The Harvester is a reaper-based pet.


The Harvester (HAR-ves-ter) has a similar appearance as the Grim Reaper. It wears a tattered black robe split down the middle with red underneath and carries a large silver scythe with a wood handle. The only visible part of its body is its arms which are thin, have three fingers and are grey-skinned. It has large, glowing red eyes that can be seen from the blackness of its hood.

Did You Know?[]

  • Harvesters are benevolent spirits, created by feelings of loss and despair
  • The company Harvester Night Trends provides all of the Harvester clothing to the Clothing Rack.
  • They are often found in graveyards and will attach mostly to children due to their innocence but will not harm them
  • Harvesters are usually invisible unless they befriend someone. Once they become visible it is only to their friend and they will often talk in whispers that sound only in their head.
  • They "harvest" on the fears and nightmares of the children they befriend to keep them safe and help them cope and overcome them.
  • Adults cannot see them, but if you have befriended them as a child, you will have a friend for life and will be able to feel their presence.

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