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The Hair Salon is accessible from the Hair tab in the Wardrobe. Previously, it was run by Nathaniel, though the current page does not reference this. The hair salon is where you can customize your avatar's hair color. This feature is only available for Salon styles.

You first chose between the different Hair Styles and from there can pick the base color, highlights and shadows. To pick a color you can either type in the hexadecimal color code or use a color-picker wheel to chose.

Depending on which hairstyle you chose there can be 1 - 7 streaks available to customize. To add a streak of color, check the box under the hexadecimal color code, and then either enter the code for your desired color or use the color-picker wheel. For some hairstyles, the streaks feature adds a gradient instead.

Click Add to Avatar to use your customization.

For a list of hair styles, please see Hair Styles.

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