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Gold Accounts are premium accounts, which can be bought from the Cash Shop for CSC, or from other users (via Gold Account Medals) for sP. or through a subscription.



Gold Account Perks[]

  • Autopricer - Automatically price items in your shop once per day.
  • Additional Shops/Galleries - 6 total.
  • More Items per Shop/Gallery - 2.5k for shops, 10k for galleries.
  • Check all pets into the Lakeview Resort at once.
  • Decreased Training Time - Reduced by 15%.
  • More Quests - 15 quests per day, instead of 10.
  • GA Forums - Exclusive board.
  • Beta Tester - Preview new features.
  • GA Trophy - A special trophy for your profile.
  • Additional Wearables - Can wear up to 45 items at once, instead of 30.
  • More Random - 1.5 hour wait.
  • More Mind Reader - 35 plays per day.
  • More Reflection - 2 hour wait.
  • Additional Inventory Slots - 250 slots total, instead of 100.
  • Additional Inventory Locks - 10 locks total.
  • Pet Leash - Display your active pet underneath your avatar on the forums.
  • Transfer multiple Treasure Chest slots from pet to pet.
  • Extra Weapons and Scroll Sets - 5 sets.
  • More Space Inside Gift Boxes - 10 spaces.
  • Ability to quickstock items into collections.
  • No ads on the site.


Subscriptions started on 12th July 2020 to replace the current system. It has 4 different tiers of varying prices, each with a monthly renewal plan if wanted and different perks per level. Subscriptions cost real life money (prices shown are always in USD).

Keeper Tier[]

  • $3 a month
  • Gold Account

Quester Tier[]

Councilor Tier[]

Goddess Tier[]

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