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The Fester is a vulture like pet.


The Fester (FEHS-ter) is a brown vulture with a splash of colour below its purple eye. It has no feathers on its head, neck or feet and has tanned flesh. It has a brown beak with a darker tip and the same coloured claws. Around its neck is a tuft of white feathers and its underbelly is a lighter shade of brown. It has a brown feather mohawk coming from its head.

Did You Know?[]

  • Humans eat Fester meat (like Canned Whole Fester and Fried Fester suggest)
  • Fighting Festers is a bomber squadron named after and having a mascot of the pet.
  • They behave similarly to real birds: they avoid scarecrows (or something like the Field Charlie Plushie) and build nests to lay their eggs into.
  • Festers are the largest bird species in Subeta, with females weighing 13-20 lbs (6-9 kg) and males weighing around 9-10 lbs (4-4.5 kg). Their wingspan is most impressive, measuring between 6-7 feet (1.8-2.1 m) on average.
  • They are a native species to Shadowglen Graveyard.

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