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Elwood's Wood-Fired Pizza Emporium (April Fools' Day 2014)

Elwood Day is the subetan equivalent of April Fools' Day since 2010. Each year, this holiday features a new Free Gift featuring either Elwood or wood. The free gift comes with a news post by Elwood and usually features dirty humor and wood-puns.


Elwood Day was a user suggestion in October 2009 because they felt that Elwood was overlooked and didn't play much of a role. In January 2010, Elwood Day was confirmed: the status message of Elwoods NPC account was changed to "April 1st = Elwood Day. Mark it on your calendars." and on April 1, 2010, the first Elwood Day was finally celebrated.


Elwood's "revamp" from 2016

Previous Elwood Days

Here is a list of free gifts and their respective news posts from previous Elwood Days:

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