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The Demi is a mammalian pet.


The Demi (DEM-ee) is a golden-brown animal with traits reminiscent of both dogs and cats. It has a voluminous blond mane which separates into dreadlock-like spiky clumps and is tipped in dark brown, a single white horn on its forehead, and dark brown patches around its pale blue eyes. It has a long, thin tail which curls at the end and has a dark brown tip. There are also three dark brown spots on its hind legs.

Did You Know?[]

  • "Demi" is both singular and plural.
  • Based on the mythical appearance, one could infer the species name, Demi, comes from the word 'demigod', defined as an inferior or lesser deity.
  • Demis are omnivorous.
  • Demis can weigh around 22-28 lbs (10-13 kgs)
  • While today’s demi has a range that extends from Veta to the northern tip of the continent, records suggest that its predecessors might have resided in Saherimos.

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