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The Darkonite is a feline pet.


The Darkonite (dar-KO-nite) is a crimson mutant feline with a tail that splits halfway down its length and ends in two spade-shaped tips. Its feet are stained wine red; while its front feet are paws, its hind feet are gray cloven hooves. A portion of the tarnished bronze helmet which protects its head is cracked, exposing a section of its brain. Its chest and underbelly are covered in gray scutes; gray spikes protrude from its jaw and rump; and it has bronze ridges on its shoulders and thighs. Its vermilion eyes have slit pupils and black sclerae.

Did You Know?[]

  • The Darkonite was not a native species of Subeta, it was created by the Pet Zapper.
  • The average darkonite weighs between 14-18 lbs (6.3-8 kg) and stand just a little over a foot (30 cm) tall.
  • Darkonites are gonochoristic, but they are sterile; new darkonites can only be created via Pet Zapper.
  • A darkonite's helmet is fused to its skull.
  • Darkonites are notoriously stubborn and unpredictable. This is believed to be a side effect of having part of their brains exposed, although they suffer no other ill effects from the anomaly.
  • The minion Armonite bears a resemblance to both a Darkonite and Experiment #585.

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