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Costume Trunk (Item)
Special costumetrunk.gif The contents of this dusty old box might just surprise you...
Rarity 125
Type(s): Costume Trunk, Useable
Restocks at: Does not Restock
Wardrobe Layer: n/a
Notes: This item is retired and will soon no longer exist on the site.
List of Items
  • Ball and Chain
  • Colonial Bow
  • Cowboy Boot
  • Draculas Vial
  • Fairy Costume
  • Fisher Hat
  • Future-Suit
  • Golden Ankh
  • Jade Jaguar
  • Magic Djinn Lamp
  • Magical Bathtime Fun Duck
  • Maidens Favor
  • Mysterious Bottle
  • Mysterious Genetic Goo
  • Plain Paper Hat
  • Police Costume
  • Samurai Tanto
  • Shimmering Coin
  • Shiny Toy Button
  • Showbunny Costume