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Colors are what you can turn your pet into. There are some that are default colours, and others that are gained by more special means such as an event.

The Colors[]

Common Colors[]

Potion Colors[]

Special Colors[]

Potions, Elixirs and Others[]

Most colors can be changed by using a potion or elixir. In some rare cases, a pets color can be changed using a random item or by finishing a quest. There is also the possibility of winning a potion from the Potion Lottery.

Where to get Potions[]

Colors with No Potion[]

Galactic, Hydrus, Steamwork and Nostalgic are the only colors that do not have their own potion. Instead they have other means of getting them.

Other Items[]

There are some items that can be used to change the color of your pet. Aside from elixirs there are also plushies.