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The Battle Shop is located inside the Battle Coliseum.

To buy items from the Battle Shop you need to have Battle Tokens. There are different tiers to the shop: Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard and Extremely Hard. Depending on the level, the prizes vary. There are a variety of battle crystals and a few assorted weapons available.

From the shop menu you can also access the Token Trading screen.

Easy Tier[]

  • Bottled Dark Matter
  • Earth Bomb
  • Hydrus Lantern of Death
  • Malevolent Grimfruit
  • Super Shield
  • Elemental Tear Crystals

Medium Tier[]

  • Divine Striker
  • Hydrus Inhibiter
  • Sack of Crystalline Shards
  • Winged Psychosis Shield
  • Winged Psychosis Staff
  • Special Tear Crystals
  • Elemental Baguette Crystals

Hard Tier[]

  • Frost Quill
  • Malerias Hand Mirror
  • Reborn Resistor
  • The Oracles Magic Potion
  • Special Baguette Crystals

Very Hard Tier[]

  • Defensive Bandana
  • Defensive Feather
  • Shinwas Holy Lance

Extremely Hard Tier[]

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