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The Arctic Frost Gift Center is located in the large red present-shaped building in the Arctic Frost. It contains several different sections once inside the building:

  • Gift Wrapping

This is the place where you can wrap up presents and send them off to a friend. You can pick your own wrapping paper for 7500 sP or have it randomly selected for 1000 sP.

  • Gift Exchange

The gift exchange is where you can swap items of the same rarity between random users. If you want to exchange a gift you click on the link and select the item you want to swap by a drop-down list. It will take you to a confirmation page which will show the item image, name and the rarity. You will be given a notification once another item of the same rarity has been swapped or if the time limit of two and a half days (2½ days) has ended.

  • Presents!

This is another gift trade between users. You type in a username and the an amount of sP and the user will recieve a gift of that amount.

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